Automatically routing – why does it override the language selector?

I would like to use localization native Automatically routing but it is not working as expected. Automatically routing feature overrides language selector on website. There are plenty of people who uses their computer/browser in English but prefer to read a website content in their native language if it is available. Automatically routing function makes this impossible, it forces user to browser language page and ignores the language selection from the switcher. Is this a bug or a feature? Is there a way to somehow to make localized website to work so that it would offer browser language first but so that the user could change the language?

Hey Mikko, what’s your published site link?

Hi. The site is https:(domain removed) (this version have auto routing on)

I was testing this out and this is what I found out: This issue appears only at the main page, on any other page the switcher works just fine. I’m using my browser on Mac’s system language, which is Finnish. When I go to website and I have FI version browser, the home (main page) keeps on switching to Finnish, never mind what I do, it just sticks to FI. I also tried to switch my Safari browser in English. As soon as I turned browser language to English, page loads in English as expected – but the switcher also works just as it should. Switching the language works just fine. When I turn my language back to FI, I am stuck with only FI version of homepage. This is so weird, I just can’t figure out what is causing this.

Since your original post here, I’ve seen 4 to 5 other posts identify the same problem, also specific to the homepage. I didn’t see any solutions.

Have you contacted support yet?

I did post to support now. Let’s have a look if they have a solution for this.

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I got a reply from support. They are aware of this issue but do not have any schedule for fixing it yet.

Got a message from support, Webflow has released fix for this. Tested it and it is working :+1:

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Hey @Mikko_Hirvonen
thanks for the insights, I had the same issue.

But now I do see a different canonical tag on the homepage with /?r=0.
Do you have the same problem?

Yep, when swapping from a main language and back, the main page shows /?r=0

I’m now trying to set this up on my own site, but can’t find any language switcher to put on the site as an element. Did you build it yourself?