Automatically creating CMS-Item with links to other CMS-Items

Webflow flows offers the opportunity to create CMS items from a received Webhook. This creation doesn’t allow linking other CMS Items on creation. Is there a possibility to do that somehow? I am using this to add tags to my CMS Items by linking other CMS Items which represent my tags. Later I use those Tags to filter CMS collections based on them. Therefore it would be nice to be able to assign those tags automatically.

Hi Martin, you should not have any problems linking other CMS items on creation. It sounds like you’re calling directly, what is the API call that you are making? I always use the item ID’s in my references.

Another option, if you’re not doing many of these requests, is to use Logic with its webhook feature. That supports a lookup by slug operation so you could potentially do something like;

  • call your webhook with a new item, and a ref slug
  • in logic
    • lookup the slug in your ref table
    • create your new item in your main collection data table using the returned ref field ID