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Automatic tracking of in-page links not working with tabbed page content

I dynamically build a secondary sticky navigation that can be used for in-page links. I was previously using custom code to drive which item in the secondary nav should be marked as ‘current’.

I recently discovered that Webflow can track ‘current’ secondary navigation to in-page links via href and anchor tags automatically, but, it apparently it only works on pages without tabs. I’m using tabs to house two sides of page content, ‘documentation’ and ‘implementation’. Building a design system.

Does someone know a way (besides scripting it, which I can handle), of getting Webflow to automatically track ‘current’ in-page navigation in-page content under the Webflow ‘tabs’ like it does for regular pages?

I should also say (and add a link below), to a test-page I wrote this test page this morning where I stopped using Webflow tabs and just mimic’ed a tabbed page (without the hide/show on the content), just to see what would happen. It renders the side navigation just fine, but, once you click one of the ‘fake’ tabs at the top, the automatic tracking immediately stops working. You have to refresh to get it working again: [test-3]

Here’s a page with no-tabs, where the automatic tracking works fine: Accessibility

Visit a component page that uses tabbed content to see how it stops tracking: [Accordions]

read-only won’t really get you anywhere, my primary navigation is scripted. check out the links above.