Automatic thumbnail question

I’m brand new to Webflow, coming from Adobe Muse. I had learned HTML / CSS back in the day when people used Flash to build websites and QuarkXPress to design pages, so it’s good to access that knowledge again.

In the webflow tutorial about Lightboxes:

It says “Webflow automatically resizes your image and picks the best one”

Am I missing something? Where are these automatically generated thumbnails? Or did they mean “will re-size you larger image to fit in a thumbnail”?

Most of my full size images are 300k-500k. Does it make sense to manually make small thumbnails in Photoshop?
Specifically it would be on the “Letterpress” page of my site… but it’s just a general question.

Here’s the link to my branding agency website (that I’m re-building in Webflow. The current live site was build in Muse)

Any comments or suggestions on the site otherwise are greatly appreciated.

Hi @GiantSquidCreative

Firstly, a huge warm welcome to the forums!

Secondly, thats a great question and you’re not the first to ask!

That part of the video is referring to the magic of:

Ask away, we’re a friendly bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ha! I had never come upon that page and was very confused. Thanks!

Is there a way to see the size (pixel and file size) of the thumbnails created?