Automatic scrolling on form submission?

Hey Webflow pros,

I am building this website for a solar company:

The idea is that a user begins by submitting their usage or monthly bill, and from there, is able to “Build” their system by selecting the various components they want.

My question is: how can I have the page scroll automatically as they go through each step in the process of building their system? I want to disable scrolling and guide the user to the next section once the current sections required input is collected.

So for example: After entering usage at the top, the page will scroll down to the panel section. Once they select their panel, it will scroll down to the inverter section, and so on.

What I have tried:
The site implements quite a bit of custom Javascript that I wrote to capture inputs and provide a dynamic quote based on these inputs.
The inputs are captured through native webflow forms.

I have tried including a Window.scrollTo() call inside each form submit function, but nothing seems to be happening. I have also tried using Element.scrollTop() with no results.

Any idea how this can be achieved? Thanks for taking the time to read my post and lend a hand.