Automatic page change after amount of time

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a way that after 10/15mins of being on the homepage it automatically takes you to another page of my website without any clicks. So it just auto loads you into another page after an amount of time?

Might of been answered before but any advice would be really appreciated as I’m not sure if you’d create this with code of an interaction.

Interactions are for visual effects only, however you can do this using Javascript.
Set a timeout and navigate.

Depending on your use case, you may want to detect inactivity, e.g.;

let timeoutId;

function resetTimeout() {
  // Clear the existing timeout
  if (timeoutId) {

  // Set a new timeout
  timeoutId = setTimeout(() => {
    // Navigate to /about after 10 minutes of inactivity
    window.location.href = '/about';
  }, 10 * 60 * 1000);  // 10 minutes

// Listen for activity events
window.addEventListener('mousemove', resetTimeout);
window.addEventListener('keydown', resetTimeout);
window.addEventListener('scroll', resetTimeout);

// Initialize the timeout

Ok great, yes this looks like what I’d need.

How would I add this code on an embed?

Also where does the page link go?

I was thinking you could create a button to the page and create a interaction that clicks it after 10mins. I’d rather have it coded in your way tbh.

Sorry I’m a bit new to code and only just now trying to learn


Ah, I just gave an example for you to adapt to your specific needs.
I have not tested it.

You’ll need to learn some JS to implement features like this, or you can hire a dev if you don’t want to learn it yourself. There are tons of great courses out there to learn JS.

Well if anyone sees this and can think of a way to do this with a embed or in the custom code it would be much appreciated. The user doesn’t even need to be inactive, literally I just leave page after 10/15mins is all I want to do.

Thanks for your time @memetican