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Automatic hover menus

I think its really important to have menus that automatically hover and drop down with at least 2 levels. Many sites have big nav systems and need this ability. At the moment this must be manually coded its a real pain.

@Hamzster, I can hear you… the Drop Down Widget was a quick summer add on that we put out to give extra flexibility to the Navbar widget. We have updates for this widget planned for future and this behavior you are describing is on the Wishlist :slight_smile: We will let you know when there is an update for this :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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Heres comes another wish for the drop down widget. In this project I’m using it as accordion with nested accoridons. It’s working pretty well. For my use I made it 100% width and and dropdown list set to position auto(from static). When I stack them and open one the one that’s open closes. Just like I want it.

My wish is to lock it in the open view because now every time I press outside the dropdown it closes. And its cumbersome to open it up again and find the div I want to adress, especially when you filled it with nested dropdowns divs and columns.