Automatic display of collection items

I have been asked by a local radio station to do a website that shows details of the DJ who’s online at the time and I am trying to figure out ways of getting collections to do this. We have the DJ bio, image, link to the sound and start and stop times.
Anyone got any bright ideas?

Online meaning what, online on the site? You’d need a user system for that and Webflow doesn’t have one at the moment.

Or does it mean the DJ is On Air on the radio station? if that can be manually set up then you can add a switch to your collection. “OnAir” switch.

Then you’ll put details on some page and use the conditional visibility ‘onair switch is “on”’ to display it or not.

Sorry I should have said ‘on air’.

Yes, I can see how to do it manually, I just wondered if there was a way of showing the ‘current, on air’ DJ on the website between e.g. 10.00 - 12.00, and then switch to the next one that’s on air between 12.00 and 15.00 automatically.

That would be cool. I was trying to figure out the same thing last week in oder to display a new menu for a restaurant passed noon, and promos on beverages passed midnight.

It’s not curently possible with only Webflow. I’m sure a possibility will come.

I thought as much, thanks Vincent.

PS a similar requirement was discussed in a thread a few months ago. It was related to taking off collection items - events in this case - after the event had date had passed. It’s certainly come up several times with me, I shall nip over to the Wish List and do my duty…

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