Automatic Adsense align problem

Hello everyone,

I have a website, that i am trying to learn design methods, cms logic and so… Like a couple of months ago, i decided to earn some money from Google Adsense with my site, because i am student and every cent is useful for me and the topic is my site fits that purpose, too. ^^.

Here is my problem: I use Automatic Adsense. That means Google places the Ads automatically on your site. But when i choose that opiton, aligns of pages are getting wrong. (See SS1)

Some how, one of my cms pages is not gettin wrong. Every content page should be like this one. (See SS2)

I am really confused, and dont know what to do. Would anyone help me about this problem?

SS1: Screenshot-20210124-135421-com-android-chrome — ImgBB
SS2: Screenshot-20210124-135447-com-android-chrome — ImgBB

Thanks in advence.

Here is my site Read-Only:
My website published version:

I am really sorry to making flood but, i need really help about this problem. Because i dont have the technical background to solve this…

Is there anyone to know about this issue?

Sorry again.