Automated slider not publishing in proper sequence

I have 10 slides on my home page slider. In preview they transition in sequence (as planned). Images and text are supposed to pair. Once published they transition in random order. Driving me crazy!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Emeka,

You’ll need to share your designer readonly link in order for anyone to see your setup.
Aside from that, check any interactions you’re using.

And this isn’t related, but you have a strange thing happening with some of your element types on slides #5 and #9; 5 is identified as an <aside> and 9 is a <nav>. I don’t think that would cause your problems here though.

Here is my read-only link!

Hi Michael,

I fixed the

On your homepage in the custom code, you have a script that is randomizing your slides when the page loads-


THANK YOU!!! That is soo helpful. I have so much to learn :slight_smile: