Auto switch tabs using load interaction

I want to click a link to a page and have it start on one tab but after a period of time (Specifically 68000 ms) have it automatically switch from tab pane 1 to tab pane 2 without the user clicking anything. Is this possible?

I have two videos through Wistia that I have set to auto play on the web page and I want to like the user to the page so that the video within tab 1 plays and at 1 minute and 8 seconds (68000 ms) the tab switches and autoplays video 2.

Thank you!

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You would need custom JavaScript for this. I could help if I had time. Depending on how complex you wanted to make it. It the user allowed to pause the video? Can they navigate to anything else on the oage that would interrupt the video? If neither of these then it would be as simple as setting a click event on a hidden tab nav link after a set timeout on page load.