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Auto save braking Image in grid bug? Image minimising in editor and preview based off saving

I’m having a strange bug with an image positioned within Grid. It is switching sizes when auto saving both within the editor and on preview.
Here is a video of the behaviour:

Here is my site Read-Only:

@callum1212 - Forum users accessing your read only link won’t be able to duplicate the behavior since we can’t publish.

Could you try to make the image a child of a DIV assigned to the same grid columns and rows, then see if the behavior persists?

Thanks for taking a look but no joy. I’ve made it a child of a div and they are assigned to the same grid columns and row but it is still happening.

And you’re right about the read only, the bug does not occur there, so does suggest it is related to the auto save function, in some way. hmm…

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