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[auto resolved] Inheritance of text colour problem on text span


I’ve built a landing page below. The problem I’ve got is with the colour of the phone number. I’m using google website call tracking. For it to work every instance of the phone number on the landing page has to be wrapped in a text tag and the span given a class of adnumber.

Eg <span class="adnumber>0123 456 789</span>

The issue is sometimes I want the colour to be #09345e (on the right of the header for example) and other times I need it to be #ffffff (on the green click to call buttons on the mobile versions).

I’m probably being really dense but I can’t figure out how to specify a different colour for the same class name. To be clear I have to have the span class called adnumber around every instance of the phone number.

If anyone can enlighten me I’d very very thankful.

Thanks a lot


Landing Page

Ignore me, I was indeed being dense. Added in a second class to the span and assigned #ffffff to that.

Sorry for the trouble.

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