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Auto reply nicely formatted form email to submitter with form input included

Hi All!

Recently I’ve reworked a calculator by Webflow Expert to suit for my company’s pricing calculator. Now that the calculator is finished, I hid the pricing outputs for end users so that they have to submit the form in order to receive their pricing.

User submits form with price configuration. User receives nicely formatted email that includes all the form’s variables.

Current situation:
Form is submitted and is only send to the webflow admin. Additionally, this email is just plain text and not representable to show to the end customer.

We currently own a subscription to Mailchimp and Zapier. Using Zapier i’ve managed to get mailchimp to scan the form and read the variables. But getting Mailchimp to send out a single custom email based on those variables seems impossible. Perhaps there are other solutions that I haven’t had a look at. I hope one of you could help me out! : )

Thanks in advance!

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