Auto-filled field on website from email list

Hello everyone,
I am new to web design so this might be a pretty obvious question or it might not be the right place to put this.
Is there a way to have a email invitation sent out auto-fill a field on a linked website with the name of the email recipient? I am trying to make it so that when they click the button on the email invitation it redirects to a wedding RSVP invitation form on the website that will be personalized to the recipient that the email was sent to.
I hope I explained myself right.

In your email campaign, you can form the URL so that it contains the recipient’s email on the querystring, like;

Then in your page, you can use SA5 data to easily bind that querystring param to your form input element, or to a hidden field if you don’t want it to be visible.

Here’s how to add the SA5 data lib;

Thank you!! That is helpful. I think I understand how to do it, now I just need to get it working right :sweat_smile:. Thanks for replying so quickly.