Auto-apply filter for category one page to another page

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Implementing Auto-Apply Filter for Category Selection in Webflow CMS

I am working on Webflow CMS and have encountered an issue with setting up an auto-apply filter for category selections. I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to resolve this. Here’s a detailed explanation of the problem:

Main Page: We have created a collection named “Categories”, where each category contains multiple items. This collection has been added to our main page, and each category is linked to another page.
Another Page: This page displays a list of categories, including an “ALL” option.

We want to create a seamless navigation experience where, upon clicking a category on the main page, the user is taken to the other page with the selected category automatically filtered and displayed.

We attempted to implement this functionality using tabbing. However, since we have more than 20 CMS items, the tabbing solution is not working efficiently and is proving to be cumbersome.

Specific Issues:
Difficulty in setting up an auto-apply filter that interacts seamlessly between the main page and the other page.
The current tabbing setup is not scalable due to the large number of CMS items.

Could anyone suggest a method or a workaround to implement an auto-apply filter functionality in Webflow CMS? We are aiming for a solution that allows for smooth navigation and filtering, especially when dealing with a large number of CMS items.

i have attached this video also.
home page on click to redirect portfolio page
you can check resource page. i want same as functionality in portfolio page.
i have used this filter :
link :

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