Auto Animate within a Mobile Screen

This is difficult to explain - so I did a short screen capture video to explain what I am attempting to do within Webflow - any help would be greatly appreciated.

HI @jdbrowningjr

So really what you need to do is a simple IX2 animation where you have five divs all are positioned off screen (move X=100%) and then after a small delay each is sliding onto the screen while the previous one slides out… - and so on… and loop the animation.

Oh, and the animation should be triggered on page load.

That being said, if you require some additional functionality, for example if you want to have an ability of the user to stop the animation in the middle and interact with the slide, that could be a different story - but for that need to understand what you want to do

Thats one way to achieve what you are looking

Thank you! I will give that a try and let you know :slight_smile: