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Authpro + Webflow to create a Membership portal/protected pages

Thank you @mistercreate! Can’t wait to dig into this. Might need to add it to my weekend plans for fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bookmarking for later! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Awesome @mistercreate!

How about CMS content like blogs? Can they be protected with this method?


Great question!

Yes, CMS content can be protected as well.

Anywhere the Authpro script is added will be protected.

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So could you use a conditionally visible script to protect individual blog pages or would it always protect all blog pages?

If so this could also be useful to hide products in a product collection that are member only.


Definitely a great feature.

We could add a Rich Text Element to the CMS Collection, and include the script where needed. This would protect certain products.

This solution isn’t a conditionally visible solution, but you bring up a great idea.

Could you add it to the feature request list?:

I imagine we can figure something out :nerd_face:


In the same vein, could this be harnessed to protect/hide elements within the html structure of a page as well?

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Oh, I love it. Definitely a great idea.

I think it would be possible with a script that would confirm login, and show/hide based on confirmation of login.

I saw the following jQuery code, but I’ll also add it as a feature request:

Having Trouble Implementing clone. Whenever Applicant Presses Submit In Webflow Form They Are Getting Sent To The AuthPro Page Asking Them To Resubmit The Information They Just Filled In The Webflow Form Essentially Filing Out The Same Inputs Twice. Is There Anything I Overlooked While Following Your Instructions?

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Great question!

Would you be able to share your Authpro Settings?

Within the Authpro Settings you can update your New Member defaults to point the URL of your choice:

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Great question, definitely!

There is an additional step that I would need to enter into the documetation:

You will find within the Authpro “Design” tab a Registration page section where you can update the redirect URL.

The following short screen-capture shows the possible solution:

Hopefully this is helpful :nerd_face:

Definitely Feels Like I’m A Step Closer! I Inputed The New URL’s But Unfortunately The Checkboxed Featured You Mentioned In The Screencast Is Not Available For Me. I Am Currently Using The Free Account To Test Product First, Could This Be Paid Feature Only?

Ah, yes - it would be a Deluxe Authpro feature.

problem solved! thanks, hopefully my questions will help others!

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Definitely! Thanks for asking.

I’ll also update the documentation before the end of today.

Hey @mistercreate,

You mentioned in the wesite that this solution would work with any Payment system that redirects to an url on successful purchase, what about login?

I’m asking this because, remember I’ve used Plasso system for the payment and user registration but I don’t know how to integrate this solution to make more secure, can you advise?

Hi @aaronocampo,

Great question!

I have yet to integrate a payment system, but I plan to do so in the coming days to better understand the integration.

From what I have found, Authpro supports a number of payment systems like PayPal and Stripe:

And you can view how to integrate your Stripe account with your Authpro account at

Hopefully this is helpful :nerd_face:

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Hi @matthewpmunger,

I was able to complete your feature request to protect individual CMS pages, and documentation can be viewed at

The following URLs are examples:
Unprotected project -
Protected project -

Feel free to add any additional feature requests, and I’ll be happy to take a look at them:

Very nice. The solution is simple to implement and easy for collaborators too! Thanks for doing that.

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