Authentication+user account Dev/advices needed

Before answering, please note that Memberstack does not really answer my problem.


Not sure if I need advice on an app to use or a Dev here.

If you are a Dev offering your services, please:

  • Be in Europe,
  • Be a freelancer (no agencies, no platform sales person please, I simply won’t work with you. Please don’t lose your time).
  • Have a clear idea of what is needed to answer my situation. I already have solutions with Memberstack but I don’t find them user friendly enough.

I want to create a website with the following features:

  • individual user login (no sign up page, users will be created manually).
  • some content available for logged-in users only.
  • not the same combination of content should display for each user and this should be easy to set up in the backoffice.
  • no need to accept payments.

The client:
A coach with 5 different programs that can be bought separately and independently.

Simplified usecase with 3 users:

  • each of them should have only one user account.
  • user 1 should have access to program 1.
  • user 2 should have access to program 1, 3 and 5
  • user 3 should have access to 1,2,3,5 from start, and as he just purchased program 4, we should be able to give him access in a very simple way.

Regarding Memberstack, I can use it by creating 5 membership plans and giving 1 access per purchased training program. I feel that it makes it more complex on the client side and would like to avoid it. But this is what I will do if I don’t find a better option to start with.

Thanks !

Hi @Jerome_Chantal interesting requirements…

I’m sorry, I don’t know of any off the shelf service that is configurable enough to meet your needs (maybe someone else does, and they can chime in).

My thinking is that you’ll need to do something custom with this. If that’s true, how comfortable are you getting a bit more technical to wire things together, yourself?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes surprisingly enough there is no tool for that. I thought more people would need that. Anyway.

I am not sure what you mean by wiring things myself. I don’t know how to code. However, I have an idea of settings that would work for an initial version, waiting for Memberstack to deal with multiplan users.
My mind is open though
What do you suggest?