Auth options for CDN

Hi, I have a few questions for which I could not find the answers.

We’re looking to use CDN and pull the content from our Webflow site to our domain.

What auth options are supported by Webflow?

  1. Can we add an IP allowlist?
  2. Are TLS Client Certificates as an auth mechanism supported?
  3. Are mTLS supported?

If not, which auth mechanisms are supported for our CDN to be able to retrieve content from Webflow?


None. Assets added to a project are simply publicly available unless you used a file upload (only certain plans) via a form where they are then restricted. You can get the public url of an asset within the asset browser by interacting (HOVER) with the asset then selecting the gear icon. That opens the asset settings. You can the see the uploaded filename, and get a link to the asset on the Webflow CDN.