Australian performance is really poor

I build Webflow sites for the Australian market. I have noticed that when testing in GT-Metrix our sites perform is really strong in CA and US. We regularly hit 100/100 so we know we have built the site correctly for performance. But when I change the test location to Australia the site struggles to get a standard score and sometimes even fails. I would like to know if there is a way to request the site to be hosted for a specific location based on country. I have worked on a Wix site that was the same issue and we requested it to be for Australia and they changed the location for us and the site performed way better so I was hoping Webflow is working on this or can help

Canada 100%

Australia 38% (FAIL) face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Which site hosting plan are you using? The Business plan includes additional CDN locations for Asia Pacific. Might be worth trying it out if you haven’t.

Hi Drew, I have a site on Business + Ecomm which is on CDN Global but it has the same issue and doesn’t seem to help the performance at all. Or do I need to do something in particular. I have the site settings as AUS so thats the only place I can see selecting a country for the overall site.

The example site above is a low budget site that will only have AUS traffic only. If the plan is Regional then do I get to pick the 1 regional location? or is it only US.
It seems rough to have to pay extra to go global when you only want 1 region, this is an area that could do with some clarity.