Audio won't play in Safari

I’d like to have some buttons on my site that play audio when users click on them. I couldn’t find a way to do this natively in Webflow so custom code seemed necessary. I don’t know the first thing about code, though, so I just copy/pasted some buttons from a made-in-Webflow project.

The buttons work perfectly fine on the live site in Chrome and Firefox. They don’t seem to work in Safari, however.

I don’t know the first thing about code (hence copy/pasting instead of writing my own), so troubleshooting this myself is a non-starter.

Does anybody have a clue about why they don’t work in Safari? And more importantly, any clue how they could be fixed?

Here is my site Read-Only

I have exactly same issues - our choral website we are working on won’t playback in Safari in our new Webflow website, works fine on Chrome, Firefox;
also, the password for that section does not work on Safari, but does on the others. We cannot function like that and are stuck.