Audio player – shuffle mode

hello fellow webflowers,

for some time now, i’ve been looking desperately for an audio player that shuffles.
it has to really shuffle, and do that on my site.
one that just plays a precomposed order won’nt help me.
i’ve tried all sorts of embedded players like soundcloud, mixcloud, audiomack and similar ones. but most of them dont have a shuffle mode (when embedded) and also, you always have to turn that mode on by clicking. i want it to be on shuffle the moment you hit play.
the viewer/listener should not fumble around with the player. as soon as he hits play, it should roll all tracks in a random order.

so is stumbbled upon an html code that seems to work perfect for this.
the link below is an example run on jsfiddle:

(it loads some time, but it works)
on the jsfiddle side, in the javascript, i succesfully exchanged the audiofiles (the links to them) to my own. and it runs perfectly, and it shuffles! on jsfiddle.

now here’s my question:
can i take this code an simply embed it into a div block on my webflow project?
i tried it, and it doesn’t work (so i’m turning to you, on my knees…)

here’s the link to my project:
you’ll find my attempt in the second wrapper, right where it says »audio player fail«

i copied the html and the javascript from the jsfiddle link and put it inside a div block.
obviously i must have been doing something wrong, since the code is just displayed in the divblock.
is it because of the javascript, doesen’t it work on webflow?
or am i simply missing something?

help is greatly appreciated <3
best regards,