Attributes for Slide in Webflow interaction

Hey! I have this section on this project, where I have 3 tiles shown and the rest will show if you click on the button. For top 3 tiles I have interaction set for slide from bottom and the trigger is scroll into the view.

The same trigger does not work for the hidden tiles, probably there is a clash with interaction I have set for show/hide. So I think the easiest way for me would be to mimic the native slide in from bottom interaction from Webflow, but I cannot find the attributes anywhere else.

Or is there any other suggestion how I could build it? I tried everything already that came across my mind. Thanks

Project is here and the section is about Learning modules

You are correct, Scroll into view interaction won’t work on hidden elements

Better would be the add the fade animation for those cards on that View All button interaction. When you reveal those items make it go from opacity 0 to 1.

Hey! Thanks! The thing is, that if I will set just the opacity, there will be a blank space, until animations shows. Meaning the button would not be at the place I need it to be.

I mean add opacity with/after hide/show interaction