Attachment uploader with forms

I need to implement job application form that allows applicants to upload resume. How to do that in Webflow?


Currently we don’t have the functionality to allow users to attach a file to the form and send it. We do want to build this in the future. For now a workaround would be to ask them to give you the URL to their resume or have them email you the resume.

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@thesergie Has there been any progress on this feature request?

I’ve been asking this feature as well - I need to upload documents and images.

I also need to allow cropping of the image once the image is on the server… with preset sizes.

I know… I’m asking for a lot.

I’m currently writing a JQueryUI fix for this. Would prefer to do it in WF.

I have several projects that I cannot move int WF because the lack of these 2 features.

You can use a 3rd party forms handler like this . He also has a php script that is worth every penny he is selling it for. Between the 2 you have several options to do just about anything you may need for a client. I don’t know if Webflow allows you to send attachments through their system but if you are sending them to your own servers or a third party all you need to do is build the form in webflow as needed, then embed this:

input type=“file” name=“file” id=“attachfile” ( you will need to enclose it with < > )

use webflow settings to add this custom line:


of course you need to put into webflow settings the full url location of the form handler ie ( or where ever it is at )

Yeah I can 2nd, their cloud solution is sooo easy.

i would luv a tutorial on how to integrate services with webflow!

The best I think is has all the free underlying functions.

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HOLY MOLY! What an app!! It has EVERYTHING!!