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Attach link to (ACTIVE) Tab

Good afternoon my fellow designers!

I am currently using the TAB element for my new blog-section.

The TAB (MENU) currently contains the title of each blog post.

To increase the User Expierence of this particular section, I would like to ‘‘attach’’ a link to the TAB-MENU-ITEM that is (ACTIVE).

Now, It is not possible to place a LINK-BLOCK (absolute) in a TAB-MENU item, so this option is out of option.

Is there a way to assign a Link to the (active/current) TAB-MENU-ITEM?

Can this be done with custom code?

Kind regards,


Could you share your read-only link with us? That way it’s easier to take a look at your set-up :slight_smile:


Good thing I can read Dutch :wink: . So I’m assuming you want each tab to link to the relevant article? I would honestly use interactions for this sort of thing.
This workshop shows how to build a menu with a similar idea

Hi Sarah,

I do not think interactions can solve this.

Since I cannot place a link-div inside a tab-menu item.

Normally, i would set the link-div to display:none and show when tab is acrive.

However, this is not possible.

Would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, I meant not using tabs at all and building this out with interactions like the video shows.