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Atem Gallery Video Input

Hello, I am trying to add a video at the end of my project galleries.
Everytime I try I get the same video appearing on each page.
How do I do this without that happening?

I want to add videos to select project pages only.

Thank you,

Hi Karolina,
Are you looking to have a video displayed in a specific part of your project template or just adding a video into the Project Details field?

In a template (as a field) you would need to add a video field to your collection.

In the Project Details rich text field you can just insert a video like you would an image or other content. Look at the icons when the circle with the + shows on any new line in the RTF.

Or are you looking for something else?

I am interested in adding the link or MP4 at the end as the project gallery

When I added it that way, it appeared on ALL my project pages

Hey, @Karolina I don’t see any video field in your project cms. You have to add this field in your cms to add individual videos.
Otherwise, one single video will appear in every project pages.

OK, but I don’t know how to do this? I am a designer not developer so I hope this is not too difficult

@Karolina this is not difficult. Check this video