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Asterisk next to a textfield


Is there a way to put an asterisk next to a text field in a form to indicate that that field is required, or i am going to have to use divs to lay them out.


There are many many ways… You can put the asterisk in the text label, as text, or as style (image of an asterisk as bg image, with padding to secure some room for it)…

do you have an example of exactly what you wan to do?

I have a form element that has text fields. Some of them are required fields, and i want users to know that by putting an ’ * ’ before the text field, so as to indicated that this field is required.

  • First Name
  • Last Name


Can’t you simply write the asterisk in the label?

Or in the placeholder?

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Thanks. Don’t know why i did not think of that. Saved me extra work.

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