Assistance with WIZED, AIRTABLE, WEBFLOW (Paid opp)

Hello, I’m sharing my project link below, and a specific page as well.
This is for an athlete recruiting company. (Athlete signs up, pays. Get his profile noticed)

Ultimately we need help creating a way for:

  • User to login and update their profile
  • The profile is a bunch of CMS fields that will be displayed on a player page. (See example below)
  • Those CMS fields are already created

There just needs to be a way to get them to login, and update it somehow. I have never done a project that involves this before.

I’ve played around with WIZED and AIRTABLE and it sort of makes sense?
I cannot get WIZED to recognize the fields in airtable.

This isn’t something I enjoy.

My client will pay up to $500 to get this setup.
(And if there’s a better alternative than AIRTABLE > WIZED > WEBFLOW) we’re open to it.

Thank you.

Share Link:

Player page: