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Assigning an element the class name 'sponsor logo' hides it on published site

Exactly that. Tried on multiple sites. Assign an element “sponsor logo” and it gets hidden on the published site. It seems fine in Designer and even Designer Preview, but on the published site it’s assigned ‘display:none!important’.

What gives?

Edit: This was caused by an ad-blocker. Didn’t arouse my suspicion probably because of the strange block criteria.

Are you using any sort of ad-blocker (built-in, or add-on), and what is your setup (platform, browser, version #)?

Hi @GarlandBriggs, could you please share the link to the the published site along with the read-only link:

As mentioned, it could be browser extensions, really hard to tell without a site link to look at, if you can help to provide a bit more info, it would be welcomed.

Also, if you are using any custom code on the site, like social plugins etc, those can also introduce third party css style sheets, that override the default styles created in Webflow.

Custom code and third party css styles are rendered only on the published site.

The !important is telling the page to use that style always for that class no matter what other style was loaded for the same class

I’m so sorry – should’ve tested more before posting this as a bug. This was caused by the uBlock Origin Chrome extension. A rather strange block criteria, by the way.

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