Assign multiple interactions to one element

Is it possible to assign multiple interactions to one element. I am using the interactions to open a modal at this moment, and I would also wish to be able to close it without creating a specific button for this, but just clicking outside the modal.

In stead of assigning one interaction to one div called “Modal Wrapper” and one interaction to one button, I wish to assign both interactions to the div "Modal Wrapper.


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I don’t believe it is possible. ( if not true please feel free to correct me )

Reason because it would fire all the functions assigned for the element, unless you make it toggle. But what you are trying to make is if clicking outside the modal - to close the modal, then yes - with a transparent - inside - absolute div that covers entire screen, if clicked it will close the modal.

I have made this with little custom scrip - but the principle remains the same, and you can use IX, IX2 for it to make it happen.

Like this example i have made ( scroll down to section where it says to Open modal ) :

Live preview:

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.