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Assign interaction to button (when it already has a interaction)

Hey everyone,

Wanting to know how to assign an interaction to an button when it already has an interaction assigned to it.

For example, the contact form slide-in interaction is triggered when you click the “Contact” nav link, but I also want the same slide-in interaction to occur when clicking on buttons on my home page ( ie “Get Started”, etc.) The problem is, I don’t know how to assign the slide-in contact form interaction to buttons when they already have interaction assigned to them. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance…

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Yes you can assign more than one interactions to a button.

  1. Select the element (button or any other thing)
  2. Look for the assigned interaction at Interactions panel.
  3. Click on settings (the wrench tool)
  4. Add (+ icon) a trigger and you will be adding another interactions basically.

If you want to assign the same interaction to more than one element, just duplicate it and reassign.

I hope this work for you.

Thanks coafer. Really appreciate it.

You listed out 4 steps for assigning multiple interactions to a single button, and then mention how to assign 1 interaction to multiple buttons.

I guess in my case I want to do both. I have about 4 buttons that all have interactions assigned to them that I simply want to add more interactions (the same slide-in action) to all of the buttons.

Just to clarify…

  • assigning multiple interactions to 1 button (follow 4 steps you outline)
  • assign 1 interaction to multiple buttons (can you be more specific on steps?)

Just wanting to know the specific steps on the second part - just so I am clear.


Hi @tbiggar, good question. @coafer has provided some good info there :slight_smile: Each element can have one interaction assigned:

If you want to trigger multiple actions from a single element, then you would add additional triggers, affecting either the selected class or a different class:

Using the second method with additional triggers, you could for example, create a button that triggers a pop out window with instructions or CTA, and the a second trigger that targets the footer to slide in.

When adding multiple triggers, the triggers are executed in order they appear in the list of triggers defined in the interaction. Each trigger can have multiple steps.

I hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions on that :slight_smile:

thanks @cyberdave and @coafer . I got it to work. I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

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