Assign "Current" status to all children pages of a folder with identical slug?

I have a page called “Content” with the slug “/content”…


I also have a folder called content that shares the slug “/content”, which contains 4 child pages…

I have a topbar menu button to the /content page (Symbol topbar)…


Is it possible to underline the Content topbar button when a website visitor is on one of the four pages under the /content parent folder? Wouldn’t it make sense for Webflow to tag the topbar link as Current for all children pages of a folder that shares the same slug?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Hoping to keep the Symbol nature of the topbar, but could hypothetically make 4 custom topbars to accomplish this effect… which seems silly.



Imagine a forum where everyone posted just to bump posts back to the top. IMO it would be sad and not helpful to the community.

I am surprised you could create a duplicate slug. I would suggest not doing it to avoid the issue you just discovered. The behavior of the core JavaScript does not appear to handle this condition.

Apologies for the bumps, didn’t realize it was bad etiquette – I’ve seen many people check back in after a day on an unresolved post with a bump and get a response. I’ll go to email support next time.

I view the ability to create the duplicate slug as helpful in that it allows me to create a URL path similar to that of the CMS, yet with custom designed pages as children (the reason I’m not just using CMS for this).

Thank you for the response, in that case I think I’ll have to take the route of making a custom topbar where CONTENT is underlined by design and place it across those four pages.

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It’s no big deal. I think the real is “oh a new post, maybe they added …” People may not have the time or knowledge to answer more complex questions or scenarios. However most of the forum mods circle back to unanswered posts on a pretty regular basis.

I will say from my experience that most people (visitors) don’t really pay attention to the slug / path so you can be creative and more semantic on the static slug name. I have run into similar issues since I am used to having an index for folders.

Let us know how your workaround works out. Thanks.

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Let us know how your workaround works out.

I ended up placing a new navbar with the same class as my main navbar. Then, I added a custom “Current” tag to the new CONTENT link, designing it to appear as if it were current. I thought I would need to do this 4 times, one for each of the 4 pages, but realized they’re all linking to the same page – so I made a Symbol and will only need to maintain 2 navbars rather than 5. So, to the visitors it appears to work as expected and with minimal rework on my end – which is a good solution that will work well. Thanks again for confirming my suspicions.

It looks like this has been an issue for a while. @thesergie, have you finished the other things you were working on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ("current" state in nested pages - #5 by thesergie)? Maintaining multiple symbols seems like a hack. Is there a better solution?

It would be great with a solution for this, which doesn’t involve custom code. I will have to create 10 navbars and sub navbars for my design. There should be an easier way.