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Asset integrations

I am new to Webflow, migrating from simpler website builders out there and would like to give Webflow some feedback regarding asset integration and templates that I see you have received before haven’t done much to address it in the past 3 years.

It is really counterproductive not to have better asset integrations. In fact, there aren’t really any at the moment…

It’s time consuming to have to go to another website from the editor, create an account, validate it in the email, then search a photo, download it, then upload it into your design, see if it looks well enough and, if not, repeat the process.

From a design perspective, it is easier to have a simpler way to try various assets and be able to exchange them easily, without having to migrate to other platforms.

If simpler website building platforms can provide such integrations, why is it so hard to have it here?

Yes, Webflow provides a lot more functionality, but for many cases it is easier to build in simpler platforms, considering that they give their users more design inspiration and make it easy for them to try different designs and assets.

I really like Webflow and its extended overall functionality, but it does seem rigid in its approach to integrations and reduced diversity templates provided by the platform. yes, I know there are options provided by independent designers, but I am referring to the ones provided by the platform, for free.

Please try to make things easier for us, otherwise the day might come when competition will rise because they are better listening to their customers and making things easier for them. Just because “things have always been done this way” doesn’t mean you should stop iterating and improving your product.

Here is the response given by @Waldo in 2017 and, while I completely understand his argument that every case is unique and it would be time consuming, Webflow needs to understand that this is time consuming for users too.

WaldoWebflow Staff

Apr '17

Hi @carlos94587 thank you very much for reaching out, I really appreciate your feedback.

When it comes to third party integrations we do not provide support for those as you are using a platform outside of the Webflow design tool in your site to achieve unique results to your final website build (please see our statement of support ).

While I would love to provide support for third party integrations, every case is unique and can be very time consuming to understand, provide directions for and then implement, this approach is not very scalable. We would rather create or link to resources that many of our customers can use for these integrations.

Several third party apps have created integration documents to support Webflow customers . We update this listing often and are always looking for more integrations to add or list here.

Also there are several Webflow e-commerce integration approaches discussed here which you may find helpful."

All the best,