Asset/Image Limit

I have a site with 500 projects/webpages.
Total of images spread through the 500 projects is 10 giga.
Is there a specific approach to build a site for such amount of data (even if webflow will resize the image)? Will Webflow run and load fast?
Thank you,

Individual image sizes are limited on webflow. There is no defined project limit that I am aware of but there are bandwidth limits on plans to consider. In a collection there is a limit to the number of fields, and if using a multi-image gallery field a limit of 25. Of course you could have many of them but a collection limit of 20 per page is in effect. All of this is clearly defined in the University. So to determine if Webflow will meet your needs I would start there.

Thank you Jeff! This is very helpful.
How do I know what is/will be my bandwidth need? Is there a test tool?
Can you share a link to the University?

That would depend on the number of visitors and page views which is an unknown variable. Webflow says that they will let you know when you go over a plan limit. I have never heard them doing so myself and since they don’t provide data on traffic / usage I am not sure it matters. But it could.

Already one at the top if this page.

Great! Thank you for your help!