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Aspring Developer Looking For Some Feedback!

Hey everyone! My name’s Methias but yall can call me mutty. I’m an undergraduate interested in web development and design. I’m starting to try to build a brand/web presence for myself and have built up a personal webflow site. However, before I release it out into the wild, I’d love to get some feedback from some of you who I’m sure have been working in the field much longer than me.

Here’s the link to my site:

any critique/errors/praise is greatly appreciated.


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I actually enjoyed how you presented your site. Unique and slightly different. Keep it up!

Nice, there’s a style.

You may want to check if you can’t optimise the fonts. Maybe too heavy, maybe too many variants for a given font…

Also, images. Your header image is several megs, could be under 100ko Try photoshop, export for the web set at jpeg 51
Same for the others, 900k, could be 10

Edit ho and if you center the text, center the title too. And maybe a little margin after the last text bloc

awesome! thank you guys for the critique. i’ll most definitely be getting the sizes of the images down and i’ll probably center the headers. only one of the fonts had another variant so i guess i can unload that. i can possibly take the bold off as well. I also found this for optimizing fonts: i could try that too