Aspect Ratio/Scaling

I have a unique issue, but also maybe not at all.

I’ve redone my portfolio, which features a component that I can’t seem to make responsive for all desktops/laptops. Does anyone have any tips to make this fit better on-screen ratios that are closer to 21:9 or aren’t 900px+ tall?

Here is my site: Webflow - Portfolio

Use the ‘Fluid Design Generator’ tool available within the Finsweet extension - that will help dynamically scale your content for a better viewing experience on larger display (assuming you’ve been using REMs as your units). 1 rem=browser default text size. Most the times that is 16px. So 2rem=32 pixels. They have a px to rem calculator in the extension as well.

Also, setting your background image to ‘contain’ could fix your background issue.