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(ASK) (HELP) Create Responsive Full Background Images in Any Resolution and Mobile Device

hai i’m trying to create website like this :
and my website is :

and my problem is, my image doesnt fit well on mobile–browsers.
on mobile–browser, only displaying left area of my image.
and also my web doesnt fit good in any resolution
please help

Can you please share your project public read-only link? Check the button on the project dashboard, top right.

Hi @kancilbersayap, here is some info on sharing the read-only link :

this is the link

what i was expecting is fit-well, but it didn’t

It fits well in your 960px hight hero section… Do you expect it to be fullscreen? In that case the section has to be 100%height and the body too.

Can you give an example (screenshot) of a case it doesnt fit well?

yes indeed, i expect its full screen. and if fullscreen. the image is not centered, when it turn into tablet view and mobile view.
they only appear left side on image.

this is the tablet view :

and this is the mobile view :

i dont know why turn like that, i already create hero section 100% and also a body

i expecting my image is center like this :smile:

this is tab view what i want :

this is a mobile view what i want :

please help :frowning:

Use the background properties to center or place your image as you like, for each device, starting with tablet and down.

Here I centered it:

You can also place it exactly like you want using the values:

If the image was an image and not a background, you could have used the Position properties to achieve the same results.

hope this help, sorry it took that long for me to get exactly what you were looking for :smile:

YESSSSSS !!! finally thankyou so much, i still had a lot of questions about webflow and etc.
should i post it here ? or should i start a new thread ?

NEW THREAD! Actually don’t be afraid to breakdown your questions into lots of threads, it’s way easier to answer and keep updated. I mean, don’t hesitate. Try to always try it yourself before and paste the sahring link to your test, you’ll get help much easier.

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