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As I trudge forth Learning this new CMS the Responsive

OK Guys, on 1920px I feel like I have a real winner here but I’m having one hell of a time trying to figure out the responsive part of things … It seems like I have the most luck with flex containers and absolute positions for the main containers but elements within are relative and static … but the issues I’m having is keeping things center aligned always instead say a button gets pushed over the right at an odd ball frame width and looks terrible. So I feel like a lot of my stuff is best centered but keeping it that way all the way down the framework chain has been a challenge. I wonder, if you agree my site could be something very nice if anyone might have a poke around and let me know some of my top mistakes. Squeaky wheels get the grease so I’m hopping for some good grease here! Thanks Guys!

I wanted to add I’m sure one of the top mistakes I’m making especially since I have opted to use a template is I have created multi classes just to gain specific control but this then increases the work flow dramatically I would guess. One should learn to work within the given parameters but its not my nature to do that. I have to customize to a point that it looks very little like the original template. I feel like I read somewhere there is a way to do it to where you really only need to do the full screen version and the rest automatically will fall into place … wouldn’t that be nice, but did I understand what I was reading or not is another question. I know the way Im doing things has to be the long hard way … there must be a better way …

Also I might consider paying someone for what I have a feeling is just a little help finishing my site here and that has everything to do with the responsive part of things … so if we have a resource for that and I’m sure we do as I have looked at some resources but couldn’t see a way to message people maybe someone could turn me on to the right thing. Not looking to have it done for me per say but to have the guidance so that I can acquire the proper understanding needed to make Webdlow sites nicely responsive. Or maybe I have made a giant mess of things … I hope not.

I would suggest going to and find lessons on building responsive layouts. If you don’t have time or you are too lazy to watch the tutorials, then another option is to create custom breakpoints and set up the layout according to your taste. By the way, what template did you use?

Orxin I think it was called. The reason a person asks a forum of people a question is to discover questions he/she didn’t even know he/she should be asking, or discover issues he didn’t even know where issues so then how can he/she ask the University of Webflow when he/she doesn’t know what question to ask. I do plenty of “ask Google” it’s how I made my career on Wordpress and why I can just come on over here now and do the same. But this is yet another ask Google Method in my eye’s and I have learned so much gold asking questions in forums; it has often proved to be quite a short cut to just the regular discovery learning you mention which I do also.

I don’t know if it was addressed to me or not, but I did not understand what you wanted to say at all.

I mean I gave you a starting point and another option to solve your issue.

Did you have a look at the site and see if you could “spot” any stupid things I’m doing? Maybe some workflow issues, or stupid moves like making combo classes which increases work flow potentially a lot, who knows and that’s the point. I’m looking to hear about something I didn’t know was an issue because it can often be the fastest most direct path to learning especially when its related to hands on learning meaning I have the context which is the way I’m using webflow and that’s what I’m hoping someone will understand and look at how I’m actually using containers, or sections, or are my margins unreasonable, and again the unknown???

I don’t know how to be more clear. I understand that you can simply go to the University and take every class but that can be a far longer learning route and yes I do some of that also but this is an additional way one can learn. So direct feedback about what you see on my site is what I am looking for, and especially feedback that will relate to a maybe a method or bad habit I was forming and “hey you shouldn’t be using containers in that way” or whatever. So you told me what I already know and do, this however is yet another way though it’s just that you didn’t do what I asked and or cant find anything I’m doing wrong, or don’t care to take the time to look at the site and give that kind of feedback; all of which is quite alright my friend.