Artist's site and business-card

One more project done. Site and business-card for an artist. Customer had already paid hosting so had to move site there and install ModX CMS.


I can imagine you would have loved to build this in Webflow CMS :slight_smile: Really nice work!

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Thank you Tim :blush:
Yeah, integrate Wenflow CMS hundred times easier than Modx.

@sabanna - wow, amazing clean and artistic site. Great job!

you always do awesome stuff - keep it up!

Thanks @seank :smile:

Well done @sabanna. I hope you didn’t find it to hard, hope you client is liking it.

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It wasn’t too hard :slight_smile: especially with your help! Thank you, it was precious to be your student :wink: Client is still trying to use to that, she is not very technical person. But I believe everything will be fine