Arrgh - Footer overlapping on one page only - stumped

Hey Forum,

I have a real head scratcher. My website, which has 9 pages, and several more connected through the CMS, has one page where the footer is overlapping the content. All the footers are symbols, so, they’re consistent. All the pages are built with the same class and combo class. Everything is set up the same, yet one page (Brand Character page) is behaving badly…

I’ve looked this over a thousand times and just can’t see what’s missing. I’m hoping a fresh set of eyes might spot something. I’m still pretty new with Webflow, so it might be a glaringly simple thing. I’m prepared to be embarrassed…

Thanks in advance for any help given!

images to better explain and links bellow.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Birch Design Group-V3

Hi Steve,

It looks as though you have a defined height of 350px on your collection list wrapper, and the collection list itself.

If you reset these, you should find the footer jumps to bottom of the page as expected!

Thanks @_Mason . You are 100% correct!! I could’ve looked at that a thousand more times and would’ve seen that, thanks for the fresh set of eyeballs!