Arranging tab link vertically?

I bet, there is a solution, but I – as a webflow newbie – don’t find it:
Is there a simple(!) way to re-arrange tab links in this way:

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey @mac_heibu absolutely there sure is a way. Flexbox is the answer.

Set the tabs element to a horizontal flexbox.
Set the tabs menu element to a vertical flexbox.

Adjust the styling as desired. These training materials will help if you need to learn more about flexbox in Webflow.

Hope that helps. Happy designing!

Thank you for your help.
I intended to do exactly this, but what I get, is not what I intend to achieve (see the image in my initial post).
Yes, I am able to align the tab triggers vertically, but the tab pane alignes below the tab menu elements, and I can’t find a way to align it to the left/right of the tab menu.
(I must admit, I feel a little bit dumb …)

It’s called learning and we all do it. We’re here on this forum to help each other and pass along knowledge.

Without a share link to your project, I can’t say for sure. But I think you missed one step.

This is the parent element of the tabs menu and tabs content. Making it horz flex will put the menu and content side by side.

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Thank you very much for your patience. Now I got it to work! Very helpful!

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My pleasure. Happy designing! :webflow_heart: