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Hey does anyone know how I can get the “related posts” part of my right blog column to stick to the bottom of the section?

I want it so that when people get to the bottom of the article, the recommended articles to read next are right there on the right.

Any help would be appreciated, here’s my read only:


Is this on the blog page? Have a mockup of what you want it to look like?


Hello there stranger!

Yes its for the blog posts.
I don’t have a mockup no but I essentially would like it so that the second “sidebar block” inside of “blog colum right” sticks to the bottom of the section. So that once you read the end of the article, there are then options for the reader to click on. Does that make sense?

For example this article:
is so long that by the time you get to the bottom, the sidebar next to it has run out so the reader is less inclined to be able to easily click on something else to read.

I hope this makes sense

Many thanks


Nope, I don’t. You know your site, I don’t. So tell me the exact name of the page (travel blog? Blog archive? or ??) and give me a screen-cap of where this is in the site structure. I want to help you, but I’m not going to spend time digging through a big project like this to find this content to help you with it. Not having this info negates looking at your example because I need something to act upon first. Make sense?

In the words of Jerry Maguire: “Help me, help you!”


Its on the “blog posts template page”

and i want the second “sidebar block” stuck to the bottom

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OK. I’ll look @ and get back to you.

Thank you!

thats great thank you :slight_smile:

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Brad, I made “blog post container” Flex:

Then I put a margin of 20px on “Blog Column Right” since it was butt up against the picture…

and this is the result (Blog: yellow tint) (Margin: red tint)…

Hope this helps!

Take care,

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Thanks Brian thats awesome ill give it a go later when i get in from work!

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all sorted thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome Brad. Have a good weekend!

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