Arrange element so that it appears on the extreme right of the section

Hey guys,

I am having trouble lining up a div on the same line/section along with other elements. Basically I want the “ab_language-toggle” div to appear on the extreme right hand side within the “ab_secondary_navbar” section. It should line up with all of the other elements within this section.

I used Float: Right which actually takes the div to the extreme right of the page. However the div is below the “ab_secondary_navbar” which is not how I want it to be.

Check out the public share link so that it makes more sense. Appreciate any help and thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link:

  1. Insert the language toggle into the container
  2. Set Position to be absolute top right corner
  3. Change height to 112 px
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If you want it at the extreme right of the page, do this:

But you’ll run into troubles with overlapping things when the screen is narrower.

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Thank you for sharing. Worked out well for me. Cheers.

Thank you for sharing. I tried the method that @mayhemonger shared and it seemed to avoid overlapping with other elements. Ofcourse with narrower screen sizes it would be a problem but I am guessing making the elements responsive should help. Thanks again. Highly appreciated.

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