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Are Webflow Fonts free to use outside of webflow?

Hi, are Webflow fonts free to use outside of Webflow? I have a designed a Website using Webflow for a client who will take the design and apply it with their own coding. Would it be okay for them to use the fonts provided with Webflow or should they look into licensing?

The fonts displayed in the designer are from Google Fonts. Free to use. If you uploaded fonts yourself then you would be bound to the font licensing terms for use.

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Thanks for the reply Jeff! That’s what I thought. I assumed they would be free. But on Google it seems that Palatino Linotype is copyrighted:

That is the font I was using. Now I’m unsure. What is the case with this font?

I does not seem like Palatino Linotype is a Google font:
See here: Google Fonts – it just shows up as an example, from an external foundry.
But how did you get it to work in your Webflow homepage in the first place? Thats a mystery.
I’d recommend you to find something similar that is free.

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That is licensed through Monotype. See Palatino® Linotype Font Family |

I have no idea. It shows on my fonts list. Maybe @Webflow should look into it, and remove it as an option to use, since it’s not free… Or make a note of it, so the designers are aware.

I have found a similar font that is free. Will use that instead. Thank you all!

Webflow is not “Loading” that font. If you select it then a css font-family rule is added.

    font-family: 'Palatino Linotype', 'Book Antiqua', Palatino, serif;

So if you have that font installed already on your local OS then it would display. See =>

If you wanted that font to display on a Mac you would need to purchase/license it.

So I would recommend against choosing it as a font unless you licensed it and loaded it as a font in the project settings.

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