Are Webflow animations powered by WebGL?

Dear Wonderful Webflow Community,

Recently I made a page with about 100 moving hexagons in the background (moving them using animations, ease in-out,) which I love the look of…However, loading the website starts my laptops fan!
Here’s the project:

Upon inspecting task manager, just by having the page tab open in Chrome consistently uses 25%-35% of the CPU (on a gaming laptop) and 10%-15% of the GPU. When I change Chrome tabs to say my email it almost instantly drops to 1% and 0% respectively.

I know that WebGL is super powerful because it utilizes the computer’s GPU in the background, so am wondering if this is what’s going on?

After seeing how much of my Laptop’s processing power is used by these animations I’m concerned that mobile viewers are going to struggle big time. Does anyone have any knowledge or tips they can share?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: