Are user logins timed in webflow?

I was wondering if there was a session time built into the logged in status of users in webflow? Say if a user forgets to log out, they will be logged out automatically after a certain amount of time. I couldn’t find anything specific.

I have seen coding for people who want to log out users after a certain amount of time of inactivity and will look at this further if necessary, but just wanted to know if there was something already in webflow user areas coding, I don’t need anything timed specifically, I just need to know whether being logged in ends after a certain period of time.

I don’t use any other than webflow - no plugs in etc.


Hi Jodie, last I checked it was roughly 3 days, even if the account is deleted during that time.
Once the access token is issued, that user has access until the token is destroyed by a manual logout, or token expiry.

I haven’t researched this yet but I’m planning to add this to SA5’s most likely the log-in and sign-up module;

If you need this let me know and you can help BETA it.

HI Jodie,

They have it currently set to 6 days from your last login:

I would be nice to have the choice to set a session time for login rather than setting a timer to a page based on activity. I don’t ‘need’ it, but it would be nice. I can image there is a lot of people out there with gated content that do need it though.

I am absolutely no code, so have no idea if this is possible.

While your here, I wanted to say thanks for the locode at I’ve recently used wfu-bind for a form (worked a treat!) and am about to test out the webhook for signup and changed account info. Super helpful.


Thanks ChrisDrit! That really helps.

Thanks Jodie, that means a lot. SA5 Data-binding has some major improvements this week too for Collection Lists datasources.

Do you mean a hard logout time, as in how the Webflow Editor will force log you out after a day even if you’re in the middle of editing? :laughing:

In terms of login-expiry-modes, the main one we’re focused on is an inactivity-timer that works across sessions. e.g. if you set it to logout at 30 mins of inactivity, it will automatically log out out whether or not you have the site currently open in your browser.

No not a hard log out time :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

Given my lack of knowledge, I had understood in my reading the timers currently to be page specific which I had understood to mean that if I had a user with access to more than one access group, I thought there might be competing timing issues across the pages.

An inactivity timer that works across a users session no matter what page they are on in their account and no matter whether they have the site currently open in a browser would be awesome!!

I will look out for the Collection List binding improvements!!


Ah got it, no you’re either logged-in, or logged-out, site-wide.
Excellent. I’m knee deep in cabling and router config files today, redesigning our corporate network, but it’s likely we’ll have this feature released this week.