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Are these Lottie animation ideas too ambitious?

Hello good people,

I am new to the lottie animation shenanigans and was hoping some of you may be able to steer me in the right direction before I go and waste valuable time on something that might not ever work…

Because of this, I cannot provide a URL, but I have design files and will do my best to explain my vision.

Here is a link to the Figma file I will be referencing: Approach

The plan is to do this using C4D and Ae in conjunction, then export to Lottie using the body moving plugin.

As you can see in the designs, the “Golden Circle” (GC) is going to be the animated object on this page. As the user scrolls, my plan is to have the GC down the page. As it reaching certain points, the animation will extend the “tubes” to beneath the text, then retract them as the user scrolls past the respective section.

Issues I am foreseeing:

  • MASSIVE file size since the animation is going to be long and each frame will need to be a PNG image with a transparent background.
  • Correctly lining up the animation/tubes with the text. I would obviously prefer to avoid having text be part of the animation
  • Responsive issues as they relate to the issue above (**Note, this is not going to be used past wide-tablet size. There are additional designs for mobile view.)

Are my assumptions correct? Should I avoid a Lottie animation of this scale? If so, what other options should I consider?

If it may be possible, what should I consider as I am building the animation?