Are there any way to embed checkout form on products page?

Hello Webflow mates,

I am building my e commerce right now, since i want the process to be really simple bcs In my case most people only buy 1 product since the price is quite high and i dont need them to input any payment method sine the only payment i do is cash on delivery.

Is it possible to embed the checkout form on the cart tab?

I imagine people directly put their name, address, after opening the cart tab than process their order. So i can cut the step from Cart>Checkout Form>Thx page into Cart > Thx page.

Looking anyone who had the same experience or problem before.

Hi @Adhi_Wiratama I’m Alex a member of the Ecommerce team.

We just released a buy now button which is a part of the Add to Cart component.

This will bypass the cart and take customers straight to checkout.

Currently we don’t have features that support cash on delivery methods within our Ecommerce system. I’ll surface this feedback with the team.

cheers, and have a great weekend.

Hi @AlexN thx for ur consideration.

Thats not the case i was talking about mate. What i mean is after u add some items to your cart, than you see the cart. I hope that costumer can see the checkout form there, to write their name, address,etc. The problem is the cart tab is on products page but the checkout form element only available on checkout page.

The simple explanation is im looking about “how to embed checkout form on my product page”.

For the COD case, it was only my explanation, i have put some notes on my pages that all payment will be made when the goods is arrive. And i just used checkout without payment option on webflow. Later the staff admin will remade all of the order on local marketplace…

@AlexN i now what u mean… After finishing the product page and go to checkout page i found out that we cant put order without payment…

It means i have waste my time on making the product page… Any solution u think can work alex, i really love using this webflow. And now planning to take it to the next level. It feels really sad now, 8 hours of work will not applicable on my business model using this webflow.

Apologies, I thought the buy now button could be a possible solution for getting a customer to an information intake form faster than the normal flow.

What you’re specifically asking for is not currently on our roadmap, but I’ll pass these specific needs on to the team.

is there any way to code or embed a cash on delivery button in checkout? I’m building a grocery delivery webapp here in my small town in Philippines. people here don’t use digital transaction rather a manual payment.