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Are the SVGs in the free templates free to use for commercial?

Are the SVGs that are included in some free templates free to use in commercial projects?


According to “Template Checklist > Licensed images” found on,

  • Use CC0-licensed images when possible. Use services like: or or
  • Images without a CC0 license should have a Webflow watermark on the image. Ex: -----
  • Images without a CC0 license need to be listed on a page titled “Image Licenses" and with the slug “/licenses”. Ex:
  • Add this text at the top of the Licenses page: “All the images in this template can be used for personal or commercial use except for the images listed below, which have only been used for demonstration purposes. If you wish to purchase a licensed image for commercial purposes, please follow the link provided next to the image.”

If a template does not have this “Licenses” page, you can assume they are all CC0 and free to use however you want.

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